Just Engaged: The Perfect Gifts

Season of bling! It seems that everyone is getting engaged or married recently and this exciting time deserves an equally exciting gift to add to the festivities and celebrations. After I got engaged this past May, my Maid of Honour gave me the most amazing engagement package. Best part of all was that she presented it to me the day that I was going shopping for my dress! Talk about memory making.

Now that she got engaged, I decided to put together a similar creative basket of goods. Here are some ideas to get you started on your own engagement gift for a loved one. Follow these simple steps, adjust to your budget as necessary, and you will have the perfect “I Do” gift.

Step 1: Pick a colour theme. Florals, pastels, etc. 

Step 2: Pick a Box!

Pick a basket, decorative box, or other open container to use as the main collector of gifts. You want to make sure that you can have all items displayed nicely upon view or once opened if you choose a box.


Both the crate and box are from Michael’s craft store.

Step 2: Pop Champagne!

Choose a small bottle of champagne, or a large bottle of wine. If your loved one does not drink, choose a sparkling bottle of water.



Step 3: Personalize !

Both Etsy and Amazon offer various labels for wine bottles. You can either choose fun engagement stickers like I did here, or you can personalize them as my bestie did on Etsy with the future bride and groom names and wedding date.




Step 4: Planning

Since the initial excitement brings the fun of wedding planning, include a gift item that will assist with the planning of the wedding. It may be hard to choose the right wedding planner for a bride, so choose instead a cute wedding notebook, or a blinged out pen that the bride-to-be can use to record all wedding details.


My best friend spoiled me with the most thoughtful handmade gifts, including this Feyonce coffee mug. My love for Beyonce exceeds even that of coffee!


I purchased this great mug for her package from Amazon here.


Purchase this pair here.

Step 5: Store It!

Keep that new rock safe! Whether it’s by the bed at night, or in the bathroom while showering, your beloved bride-to-be will need to take her new ring off at some point and what a better gift then a place where she can easily and safely store it. A ring dish, ring box, etc. is the perfect gift idea.


56996243880058p                        il_570xn-735224517_ksf0

Kate Spade dish $36: here.                                                 Esty Mrs. dish $9: here.

Step 6: Wear It!

Everyone loves a comfy tee or tank top and even better when this has an engagement themed slogan.


Amazon sells great options as does ily couture here.

Step 7: Sign, Seal, Deliver!

Pick or make a great card and don’t be shy to fill it with all the sappy feelings and love you have for the newly engaged couple.


Happy engagements and planning to all brides to be! And for the gift givers, you’ll receive all the love too.


Live Colourfully,



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My name is Kayla Davis and my aim is to share the way I see the world through my rainbow coloured lens. This lifestyle blog will highlight some of my many passions: outfits, beauty products, travel, food, home decor, and books. Hope you enjoy, if so, check out my instagram for more colourful inspo :)

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