Nailed It: Easy DIY Nails

All the colours of the rainbow on my nails. I was the kid that chose to have each nail a different colour. While I try to move away from that style as an adult, I still gravitate towards fun colours and designs. I’ve been giving my nails a break from shellac/gel manicures and opting for painting my own nails.

I know many people have difficulty painting the hand opposite to their dominant hand, all I can suggest is to rest it on a firm service and paint slowly (a q-tip close at hand helps as well!).

A good colour polish also goes a long way if you are not into designs! These are some easy nail DIYs complete with polish colour details, enjoy!


This was an easy look with 2 polishes. The first a silver NYX polish called Dancing Queen, and a light dusting at the base of my nail for a feathery effect. This fun polish is by “China Glaze” and is called Party Fowl. All about those metallic nails for the Fall!


Tried nail caviar art for the first time this year and LOVED it. I can’t believe how easy it was, one quick clear coat of polish and I dipped the nail directly into the multi-coloured pot of beads for this fun look. Etsy and Ali Express have budget friendly options of various caviar bead colours too!

Metallic Colour: “OPI”-Brisbane Bronze

  1. Sky Blue nails: Brand-“Nordstrom,” Colour-Island Blue
  2. Neutral nail: Brand- “Essie,” Colour- Topless & Barefoot
  3. Pink nail: Brand- “Essie,” Colour- Lovie Dovie


This is a MUST have nail polish colour. I can’t tell you how many compliments I received and it’s only $3.00 ! The brand is sold at drugstores such as Rexal or Shopper’s Drug Mart and is the brand “Essence” unfortunately there is no name on the bottle but look for the grey/blue colour and it is labelled “New.”

1. “OPI” – Blue It Out of Proportion

2. Base colour: “OPI”-You’re such a Budapest with the addition of “Formula X”-Chaotic which looks like paint splatter!


Choose any black polish and apply a matte finishing coat. I used “Kleancolor’s” Madly Matte. A toothpick and some nail glue was all I needed to line these nail jewels into a cute rainbow pattern. I purchased all of these items from Sally’s Beauty store.


Barbie Vibes: “Orly’s”-Passion Fruit


Holiday lights! Using the nail jewels from Sally’s Beauty Store and a thin paint brush.


This is an obscure polish brand called “Cosmo” Colour- Blueberry Freeze.

  1. Choose an array of your metallic and neutral colours and order from light to dark for this gradient effect. I’ve done this with purples, blues, etc.
  2. For Fall or for the holiday seasons, a vibrant hunter green is a great option.


Happy Painting !

Live Colourfully,



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