House of Books: Major Belle Vibes

I have always needed a stack of books by my side. When I was a kid and needed to take a nap, instead of stuffed animals I chose my favourite books as nap companions, kid you not.

This weekend I felt some serious Disney, Beauty & the Beast feels, the part when Belle enters the grand library. Windsor has the cutest bookstore I have ever visited called “Juniper Books” on Ottawa street, if you are a book lover, you must check this place out. I have been to Strand in New York and it is amazing but overwhelming. Juniper books has the same winding charm but on a more intimate scale, the employees are also extremely sweet and helpful!


I purchase my books at Chapter’s and I’ve also done the E-readers, but if I truly loved the book, then I ended up needing to buy it anyway. I find the absolute BEST way to purchase books now to be from Amazon, used books. Amazon has never failed to have a book I’ve been searching for, sometimes at the cost of pennies (shipping not included, but STILL ends up cheaper).

After visiting this local used bookstore I was equally as pleased with the prices and plan to continue visiting.

When you enter the store it is filled with shelves and fiction choices. Climbing to the second (of four) floor brings new genres and cozy reading nooks.

My ten-year-old self would have stayed in the Nancy Drew section all day, I used to read those books until I got too good at guessing the endings based on the author’s writing style!

How appropriate that the kitchen in this bookstore houses the used cooking books for sale, as well as complimentary coffee!


My new book I left with in hand “The Witch of Portobello” by Paulo Coelho. How cool is the basement!

I could have spent an entire day here, and truthfully, why not grab a coffee and head over for a cozy afternoon on a rainy day!

Paperbacks for $4.00!!! Yes please.

On the way down from the 4th floor, in the stairwell I noticed this “Erotica” labelled cupboard where the books are tucked away, obviously curiosity took hold, the bookstore is for exploring after all!

I enjoyed my time at Juniper Books and for my fellow readers I recommend a visit, make sure you have plenty of time to spare, you won’t want to leave.

Live Colourfully,



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My name is Kayla Davis and my aim is to share the way I see the world through my rainbow coloured lens. This lifestyle blog will highlight some of my many passions: outfits, beauty products, travel, food, home decor, and books. Hope you enjoy, if so, check out my instagram for more colourful inspo :)

5 thoughts on “House of Books: Major Belle Vibes

  1. A niece after my own heart! I can’t wait to visit Juniper Books on my next trip to Windsor. As a young girl I spent all my spare time at the Windsor Public Library, bringing home a stack every week. Got to the point where I had read almost every book in the Young Readers section, so I graduated to more mature reading material. My favourite place to read was in a big comfy chair at my grandmother’s house. The chair now sits proudly in my family room and is still my favourite place to curl up with a book. My father once told me that you will never be lonely if you like to read, as you will always find a friend in your books. XOXO


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