Tea Time Please

If you live in the Windsor-Essex or surrounding areas, and haven’t visited Annabelle’s Tea Room in Kingsville, you need to make a reservation yesterday! After my first visit to Annabelle’s I raved about the food and the abundance of available teas to anyone who would listen.  Check out their website for details: here.

This weekend I was able to visit Annabelle’s with my mom while shopping in Leamington for my wedding veil (yes it came home with us). My mom was so amazed she is now planning her next visit as well. The front garden is stunning, I could take pictures in front of these colours all day!


Pinky up! Couldn’t resist wearing my new $4.00 Forever 21 choker and new Sephora lipstick (blog post coming!).

It is not just the traditional tea room decor, which was extra special outfitted with Halloween decor including festive pumpkins and autumn leaves, nor is it just the numerous options of savoury teas (sweet, spicy, chocolately, etc), I do not exaggerate when I say the food is exceptional.

My mom and I shared a generous pot of “Satsuma” flavoured tea. No sugar or milk needed. The quality and flavour is all you need to savour!

The decor details are so fun and exactly what would be expected for a tea room. I cannot wait to visit for different holiday seasons.




How cute would this location be for a girl’s day gathering or lunch with a loved one? This Tea Room is NOT just for ladies though, I plan to bring both my fiancé and my dad to have a taste. And I clearly overheard a father and son leaving the restaurant informing a group of new customers that they were going to “love the food.” So I am not alone with my love for tea, good food, and fun decor! Make sure to call ahead for a reservation and enjoy!

Live colourfully,




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My name is Kayla Davis and my aim is to share the way I see the world through my rainbow coloured lens. This lifestyle blog will highlight some of my many passions: outfits, beauty products, travel, food, home decor, and books. Hope you enjoy, if so, check out my instagram for more colourful inspo :)

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