Art Expressions: Decor

It is always a fun idea to visit local art or home decor stores within your own city. My mom has always loved unique, creative, one-of-a-kind, jewellery and home decor. One of her favourite places in Windsor for interior home decor is “Art Expressions” on Drouillard Road (Windsor, Ontario).


Over the weekend we visited Art Expressions with my aunt and cousin to pick out a  piece for my cousin’s new place. She fell in love with a beautiful landscape painting showing a stormy tree-lined waterside.

Scroll to the end for how I styled my new pieces!

I took the time to explore this house, turned art-store for the second time. Each time I have visited this store the decor and items for sale have changed. Each corner is carefully decorated and visually appealing.


I personally found that there are pieces that can appeal to many tastes: modern, abstract, traditional, etc. The large statement vases were a big favourite of mine.


My eye always gravitates towards the colourful of course!

Walking into each room provides new inspiration and ideas for decorating your own home, even if there isn’t a piece you fall in love with, the pay items are displayed gave me ideas for arranging my own interior spaces.


The beautiful metallics were highlighted with this lamp’s lighting.



Similarly to when I visited Juniper Bookstore, I love how the structure of the store plays into how the art is displayed. In the kitchen section you’ll find decorative vases, glassware, wine glasses, and ceramic ware.


The best part of these unique pieces is the price tag which are all very fairly and affordably priced.

My mom surprised me by purchasing my favourite painting in the store, a rainbow looking sunset. It now hangs above our TV in the living room and is an amazingly colourful statement piece.

Another surprise purchase was this glass enclosed, paperweight style decor piece with a glass jellyfish inside. The way it is made allows it to glow in the dark!


I have so much fun infusing what is truly me into my home decor. I love colour and pattern, and now just like my mom I find interesting, and sometimes wacky statement pieces.

Showcase what you like, and own it!

Live colourfully,



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My name is Kayla Davis and my aim is to share the way I see the world through my rainbow coloured lens. This lifestyle blog will highlight some of my many passions: outfits, beauty products, travel, food, home decor, and books. Hope you enjoy, if so, check out my instagram for more colourful inspo :)

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