Advent Holiday Calendars

I have two of the cutest nieces ever and Christmas time has become extra special and exciting as a result. My four year old niece is at the perfect age where she understands traditions and the fun of Christmas spirit. I decided to make a DIY advent calendar for her so that as a family we could all spend time together doing fun activities. Life is all about making memories!

After speaking with friend and fellow blogger Sam from Clues and Reviews she suggested I should highlight some adult advent calendars as well, because who doesn’t like a fun surprise to look forward to every day!

Children Advent Calendar Ideas: 

Supplies: I visited the local dollar store to collect a thick cardboard piece of bristol board, Christmas wrapping paper, some little toys and chocolates, and tiny boxes and bows. Add some stickers and ribbon to the pile for decorating fun too.




I found amazing inspiration from Ellie Petrov’s Blog and also from Amy’s creative blog at The Connection We Share.  The pdf print outs Amy has provided are PERFECT for a little one’s holiday advent calendar, filled with fun ideas that I can’t wait to do with my niece. You can find those print outs: here  and here.

Some of her examples I used word for word in my own calendar. You can use the label template I used below, I found it online from here.











For other children’s advent calendar ideas you can check out Double the Batch’s blog.

Advent Calendar for Him

For adults Sam suggested an option she had done for her boyfriend. A craft beer calendar! How perfect is that for a dad, boyfriend, husband, or brother. Each day you put a slip of paper with the name and brand of a new beer to try, of course you could have them stored in a fridge or cupboard waiting. Or see the below calendar that places the beers inside a wrapped box.

I found the perfect calendar board for this option at Michael’s craft store:


Photo credit: here

Advent Calendar for Her

Yes I know you can purchase the brand name makeup calendar’s but why not personalize one. The cutest and easiest DIY option I found was posted by Emily Cosnotti here. Her concept feature an advent calendar using beauty SAMPLES. How amazing! They are beyondeasy and often free to get your hands on making it a fun and affordable option.

Photo credit and creation: Emily Cosnotti here.

The best part about advent calendars is that you can completely personalize them to individual interests. I grew up with the chocolate advent calendars, and those are still great, but why not get creative with the options available, it makes the holiday season that much better!

Happy crafting! Would love to see your own creative ideas.

Live colourfully,



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