Windsor Crossing Outlets: Stocking Stuffers Under $50

I stopped by the Windsor Crossing Premium Outlets this week to “stock-up” on stocking stuffers. Tis’ the season for holiday shopping and present purchasing, and there is nothing better than great gift giving on a manageable budget!

Make sure to check out a few designer dupes I found along the way!

My goal was to create stocking gifts for under $50 dollars. With the help of the amazing sales and product options at Windsor Crossing, I was able to fill two stockings for $50 each. With minimal shopping effort, I stopped by Ardene and Urban Planet for all of the stocking stuffer ideas found below. I focused on stocking sized accessories, winter gear, stationary, and more. Hope this helps with easy to grab ideas this Holiday Season. Enjoy and happy shopping!




1. Have Courage and Be Kind Notebook- Urban Planet $6.99

2. Cute sticky notes- Ardene $5.50

3. Crystal Pen- Ardene $6.50

Designer Dupe:

I enjoy a good makeup dupe, so why not a good stationery dupe! This crystal pen from Ardene’s for only $6.50 is identical to the Swarovski crystal pens (shown in photo) that retail for over $35.00!



4. Namaste on the couch travel mug- Urban Planet $6.99

5. Unicorn jewelry dish- Urban Planet $6.99


Everyone may have a wallet, but no one can have enough change purses! These two cute options in the shape of bright red lips, or a cassette tape are fun ways to store change instead of at the bottom of our purses.

6. Mini lip coin purse- Ardene $6.50

7. Cassette tape coin purse- Ardene $5.50

The best part about shopping at Ardene’s is the great grouped item savings you can take advantage of. The prices listed above were the individual costs for these coin purses, but I was able to add a phone cover (pictured below) to the group making all items 3 for $10!


8. Matryoshka doll phone case- Ardene $9.50 separately or 3 for $10


9.   for $10- Ardene Stylish and playful gloves. Faux leather, colourful donuts, and tech fingered gloves that are both fashionable and practical for all who must text with mitts on!



10. Chokers are all the rage right now. They look great dressed up or dressed down with a sweater. These two beauties were only 2 for $15 from Ardene.

Designer Dupe:

11. If it weren’t for the Ardene label on the right hand photo it would be hard to decode the designer flat!  I was able to score 2 pairs of shoes with the deal buy one get one for $5!  These Ardene flats retail for $14.50. 

The Chloe designer flats in the left hand photo retails for $515! I kid you not.



12. Cozy reading socks- Urban Planet $8.99 each or  2 for $15



13. Stunning blanket scarves- Urban Planet $19.99 each 

These under $50 stocking stuffer options are only some of many available at the Windsor Crossing Premium Outlets. I had so much fun picking out some of my featured favourites for easy shopping ideas. You can mix and match these items to stick to an affordable holiday gifting budget. Instead of stocking stuffers, they can also be used as a great gift toppers as well. Would love to hear your favourite gift giving ideas this season.

Happy holidays everyone! And  special thanks to Windsor Crossing for making this collaborative blog post happen!

Live Colourfully,



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