Lush Cosmetics Made Simple

It is the store that anyone passing within two feet of an entrance can overwhelmingly smell! LUSH Cosmetics is a store specializing in natural and handmade bath and beauty products. The smells and colours are a major sensory overload for a wary shopper! I’ve experimented with lush hair care, face and body, as well as shower and bath products. Over the years there haveย been products that I loved enough to buy repeatedly, and they have now become staple beauty regime items that I can’t live without.

Anyone wanting ideas for perhaps something they’ve never tried before, or even a curious shopper wondering where to begin, this post has you covered!




A quick side note: The LUSH holiday options are amazing! So many of the items would make the perfect gift or stocking stuffer. Even the holiday packaging and gift box sets are beautiful. I bought my niece the SANTA 4-in-1 fun soap because it is shampoo, bubble bath and moulding putty. I made this item a fun holiday evening activity for our DIY advent calendar this December.


“Outback Mate”-hand and body soap was too beautiful not to snap a picture of! My handsome hand model is my favourite LUSH employee John at the Devonshire Mall location.



My must-haves list:


“Sympathy for the Skin” is an item I have bought over 20 times (each 5 pots returned I’ve also received a free face mask pot!). This body lotion has a scent like no other. I am biased when it comes to creamy, vanilla, coconut, or cookie scented items, so if that is your thing than you will love this lotion. It also has a fruity hint to it as well because it is made with banana and you can see the little groundย seed in the lotion.

A new favourite is the salted coconut hand scrub. I use it in the shower on my entire body (face not included) and it leaves the softest, non-greasy finish. Not to mention the delicious smell!



Lip scrubs!!! Ok, so matte lipsticks are amazing, but they can also show every single dry piece of skin or line on the lips. I still use Chapstick regularly, but these lip-scrubs are magic. It’s like polishing your lips with sugar (because it is sugar based) and bye-bye dry flakes.

This cherry coke flavour and scent is from the holiday collection so it is not available year round, but I do promise that the rest of the options are just as delicious.



“The Buffy Bar” is another exfoliant that you use on wet skin. It is similar to the massage bars that leave a non-greasy moisturized coating on the skin. This bar has rice and almond grinds in it and is recommended for the thighs and booty area to help smooth away bumps and lumps (sadly we know there is no real miracle cure for cellulite).

I repeat purchase this bar because it is an exfoliant and moisturizer in one! I recently bought the storage tin so that it doesn’t disintegrate sitting in the shower.




Last but not least, bath bombs. I am not a huge fan of long baths, but I do appreciate some colourful visuals and these bombs deliver just that.

Unicorn rainbow baths made possible! I purchased the Intergalactic (pink and blue) option more than once because I love the tiny glitter that floats around. But the ultimate rainbow perfection is the Experimenter, throw one in and tell me you don’t feel as excited as a kid again for bath time!

These are my must-have LUSH buys. Always excited to hear other favs!

Live Colourfully,



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6 thoughts on “Lush Cosmetics Made Simple

  1. YUS! I cannot get enough of Lush. I walk into the store to re-stock my favorite products but for some reason I never buy anything new (I’m probably just budgeting haha). The Salted Coconut caught my eye. I love coconut (I mean, that smell!) and I also love a good scrub. Will definitely be keeping an eye out for that one next time I run out of scrub. Great post, and i’m loving your blog too.

    Would you be interested in having your work featured/shared on We are currently in the process of diversifying the content on the platform and I think your work would be a perfect fit. I’d love to introduce you to the website so feel free to shoot me an e-mail for more info. You can find my contact details on my blog. Hope to hear from you.


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