Drugstore Buys: My Favourites

While I am a self-admitted Sephora and Ulta addict, I can’t deny the power of a drugstore beauty section whether that be Rexal, Shopper’s Drug Mart, Target, etc. Growing up, whenever I had spending money I used it all on a walk to Shopper’s Drug Mart purchasing Bonne Belle products, Lip Smackers, nail and feet care products, face masks, Calgon body sprays, etc.

This blog post highlights my favourite products I regularly purchase from Shopper’s Drug Mart that have become part of my regular beauty regime.

  1. Baby Lips chapsticks– These are my personal favourite chopsticks to keep on hand at work, in my makeup bag, purse, etc. I’ll admit, back when they first came out I was a sucker for the packaging and the way the product was marketed, but since I have repeat purchased these sticks as well as tried different ones. I won’t put lipstick on without first applying one of these moisture balms.

I use two of the menthol, goes-on-clear moisture options: “Too Cool” and “Quenched” and recently bought the lightly nude tinted option “Just Peachy.”




2. Essence Nail Polishes:  These gel polishes are amazing! First of all, they are beyond affordable at $2.99 and second, they last long and have such a high gloss finish. The colour goes on thick and smooth as seen in the photographed nail photo below. I used three coats of polish but two would have been enough.




3. Feria by L’Oreal Paris: In between getting my hair dyed and cut professionally sometimes I need a root touch-up. I have tried using other boxed dyes but none come close to the shine provided in the Feria formula. I also find that the colour lasts longer than most box brands as well!


4. Rimmel Lash Accelerator: It’s been awhile since I’ve purchased a drugstore mascara but the one I remember loving most is the Rimmel Lash Accelerator. The tube has changed since I last used it as well as the brush but I still love the non-clumpy formula, perfect for separating and coating especially my bottom lash line.

L’Oreal Infalliable The Super Slim Eyeliner: I am an eyeliner junkie, I feel naked without my wing! My favourites are the Sephora brand felt liner, as well as the Clinique felt liner, but when I first away transitioned from pencil liner it was to this L’Oreal Infalliable liner that I used constantly. It is a great dupe and budget friendly as well. I keep this one in my makeup bag for touch ups.



5. Yes to Coconut cleansing wipes: These wipes are so yummy! I alternate between the cucumber and now the coconut (which is my favourite scent). I keep a pack in my gym bag to remove my makeup after work. Typing this reminds me that I should actually use this package at the gym this month, any motivation could help right now…



6. L’Oreal Extraordinary Clay shampoo & conditioner: My hair is extremely thick but oily. I use plenty of heat on my hair so I try to do the every-other-day wash to keep it healthy but even one day without washing it can cause an oily buildup (hence my miracle leave in product found in my Sephora post).  I saw a fellow Insta-blogger post about L’Oreal’s Extraordinary Clay shampoo and conditioner for oily hair and dry ends. I find this lightweight product perfect for my hair and have definitely noticed less oil!



These are my drugstore favourites! Try some out next time you are shopping for toothpaste and deodorant and would love to hear your own personal faves.

Live Colourfully,



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My name is Kayla Davis and my aim is to share the way I see the world through my rainbow coloured lens. This lifestyle blog will highlight some of my many passions: outfits, beauty products, travel, food, home decor, and books. Hope you enjoy, if so, check out my instagram for more colourful inspo :)

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