All the Nudes


Of course one might look at this photo of nudes and think “they all look the same,” but a true makeup junkie knows that each nude is unique! My makeup bag is always filled with at least 5 of my go to shades so I decided to share my favourite combos and must-haves making it easy to purchase the perfect nude, summer is coming!

Starting with the lightest shades of nudes, these are three of my all time favourites.

From left to right:

  1. Lorac “Visionary”– This is a high pigmented lip colour with a very brown/beige finish. I usually like wearing this for a night out. One swipe gives extreme full coverage. Here I am wearing Lorac’s Visionary lipstick:IMG_6155

2. Mac “Blankety”– The first nude that I ever went through multiple tubes of was this colour. It is definitely the lightest nude I wear but it does not wash out my already pale skin. It has a nice pink tone to it and works great with a darker lipliner outline too. A must have from MAC!

3. Bite “Honeycomb”– I bought the mini lip kit version of these Bite matte lipsticks while in Sephora because one of the worker’s was wearing it with brown and gold eyeshadow and it looked phenomenal! This shade has an orangey pigment to it so I find it is especially perfect for the summer when I have more of a glow. It smells like lemonade too, also a bonus. Pictured wearing it here:


Sephora lip stains are my addiction. I know everyone bypasses these for the other brands once in the store, but these are truly amazing and must be tried. These are the shades I wear to work daily, they may look dark but once blended on the lip with some liner, they last for hours!

From left to right:

  1. Sephora Lustre “Fig”– I’ve raved about this berry nude shade before because I have a hard time wearing darker shades with red in them. This has more of a brown-red but works well with all shades of makeup. It has a soft shine to it for those of you who don’t like matte products.

2. Sephora Cream Lip Stain “#37– This is part of the nude collection and quickly became a daily favourite to wear to work. It has a purple tone to it that blends perfect with MAC lipliner (blog post coming soon). I can’t believe how long these last, even after a morning coffee. Wearing this shade here:


3. Sephora Cream Lip Stain “21” Chai Latte: This is the perfect matte nude brown shade (that’s a mouthful). During the day it is a bit dark so when I wear it I blend a bit with my finger once it dries. I find this shade the best compliment to mix with any of the lighter nudes I have as well: MAC blankety, or the Lorac Visionary colour. The combo is perfect. Pictured wearing this shade here:



Urban Decay’s Lipstick collection shade options are overwhelming to say the least,  let me help you with the main two you need for your collection! Both of these were purchases I picked up after seeing them worn on friends and complimenting the shades.

Left to right:

  1. Urban Decay  Mega Matte “Oblivion”– This mauve nude shade is the best addition to a makeup collection. It is the perfect matte lipstick. I had been looking for a colour that bordered on grey without it being extreme, this is a shade I can still wear during the day at work.
  2. Urban Decay Vice “1993”- I don’t know if I should classify this as a nude, it is a deep chocolatey brown colour but my friend told me about it and she had hers paired with a nude gloss overtop. I love that it can be bold or toned down by mixing with lipsticks and glosses you already have. Pictured wearing it here:



Last but not least, some more amazing shades of matte lipsticks.

  1. Anastasia liquid lipstick “Sepia”– This is the darkest grey brown colour I own and is a fun bold lip for a night out. I wore it to a friend’s wedding and loved the look it created.


2. Stila “Patina”- This was one of the first liquid matte lipsticks I ever purchased. I am not positive if this shade is still sold but it is similar to Sephora’s Lustre shade in “Fig” that I mention above. Pictured wearing it here:


3. Kylie Lipkit “Candy K”– Another one of the lighter shades of nudes in my list, this matte nude does require some lip balm underneath before applying so that it stay looking smooth (it is that matte). For over a month straight it was all I wore with a MAC lipliner (not the liner it comes with). It still remains one of my favourites that I will likely repeat purchase. A dupe would be Color Pop’s “Midi” which I am all out of and did not feature, but still recommend!


Those are all of them! Not only my favourite nudes, but also my favourite lipstick shades in general.

Would love to hear some of your own choices!

Live Colourfully,



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